RSX is faster, yo.
Like, hella faster than 350z’s. For sure.

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RSXisFaster is one of the WP blogs of the day, yo!

June 7, 2007

Ha ha. RSX rulez. VTEc just kicked in, yo! Advertisements

God and His VTEC ride.

June 6, 2007

Ha ha… Found this on another forum and got a kick out of it. The Lord Knows Thy VTEC!

Speeding – VTEC kicked in, yo!

May 29, 2007

That radar gun looks mighty intimidating. But really – when VTEC kicks in, there’s just no holding back. Update RSXISFASTER.WORDPRESS.COM is not a hater website. Hey –  I saw a bunch of you from some RSX forums show up. I’m not a “hater”. I think the “RSX is still faster” shit is funny, and from […]

Playstation 3 – Powered by RSX VTEC!

May 19, 2007

You wanted to know about it’s power and performance. Well there you have it kids – Sony in cooperation with Honda actually designed the PS3 with an actual RSX built in. No wonder they cost $600 and can do circles around the other systems. RSX is faster, yo.

Warning: RSX’s may be faster than they appear…

May 9, 2007

Those squiggly lines on the sign aren’t for slippery road surfaces. They’re for pure, badass, nasty speed.

The unofficial manual…

May 8, 2007

Finally. The unofficial guide about the truf. 497 high speed pages.


May 8, 2007

What Would Jesus Drive?