RSX is faster, yo.
Like, hella faster than 350z’s. For sure.

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The physics of VTEC just kicking in, yo.

May 24, 2007

Scientists have pondered these question for the ages: Where did we come from? Where are we going? Why are we here? How the fuck does VTEC kick in, yo? It turns out that VTEC kicks in somewhere between hyperdimensional space travel in the wormhole dimension. Sounds pretty conclusive to me, actually. Advertisements

Playstation 3 – Powered by RSX VTEC!

May 19, 2007

You wanted to know about it’s power and performance. Well there you have it kids – Sony in cooperation with Honda actually designed the PS3 with an actual RSX built in. No wonder they cost $600 and can do circles around the other systems. RSX is faster, yo.

Comic book guy comments on teh VTEC

May 14, 2007

It had to happen. One of the major cartoon characters of the last decade has spoken. His verdict? The VTEC is overrated. But again, nobody ever listens to comic book guy, so – does n e 1 care?

For SPARTAAAAARSX!!!!1 (inhale) 11!!1!1!1!!

May 8, 2007

NO RSX’s were harmed in the making of this picture. It’s obviously an illusion, since RSX’s are so fast that they can only be photographed by speciality cameras made in Denmark. And even then, they appear blurry and with dents in them, just like this picture.