RSX is faster, yo.
Like, hella faster than 350z’s. For sure.

Speeding – VTEC kicked in, yo!

Speeding. VTEC. Truf.

That radar gun looks mighty intimidating. But really – when VTEC kicks in, there’s just no holding back.

Update RSXISFASTER.WORDPRESS.COM is not a hater website.

Hey –  I saw a bunch of you from some RSX forums show up. I’m not a “hater”. I think the “RSX is still faster” shit is funny, and from that there’s a whole ton of these “VTEC just kicked in, yo!” pictures that I’ve gathered from around the web. I don’t even drive a 350z anymore. I’m a car enthusiast and I think these VTEC joke pics are sweet.

If you do take offense with this website, you need to calm the fuck down and get that sense of humor back.

Der der der

Thanks for playing. 🙂


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